How to Continue Data Recovery from the Last Breakpoint?

Tutorials   •   February 10, 2020


Bitwar Data Recovery Software for Mac is one of the best Mac Data Recovery Software. It is a user-friendly software where it can support multiple types of file formats and have many powerful recovery tools. It will keep upgrading and updating to be the best Mac data recovery software for all users!

Scanning from the last breakpoint

Sometimes, while using the software, users will accidentally close or stop the scanning process during recovery, and this may cause users to have to start the recovery all over again. Therefore with the latest version of Bitwar Data Recovery for Mac, you can continue to scan from the last breakpoint.

Follow the tutorial below and we will show you how to continue data recovery from the last breakpoint!

Steps to Continue Data Recovery from the Last Breakpoint

Step 1. Launch Software.

Step 2. Choose the Partition or Device.

Please choose the Partition or Device previously you’ve scanned.

select the previous partition

Step 3. Rescan or Continue.

A message appears and note you: The last scan is not yet complete, would you like to continue ? If you prefer continuing the scan, just hit on the Continue button, otherwise, you can also click Rescan to restart the scanning. Here, we choose to hit on the Continue button.

last scanning

Step 4. Scan Process.

The scan will be continued where it stopped/broke from the last scanning. Assuming you’ve scanned 79.82%, the scan will continue from 79.82% and keep going till the end.

preview and recovery

Step 5. Preview Results.

You can preview the results and select the file that you want to restore and click Recover.

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Try it Now!

Bitwar Data Recovery Software for Mac is always trying to be better by providing the best performance features for users to experience and provide the best recovery tools for all users. If you need further assistance or have a better suggestion for us, please contact our customer service to lets us know about it!

Hope you have a nice day ahead!

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